I don't want to wear a facade or a mask. I want to be authentic, genuine, and real. Jesus did not hold anything back or hide anything, and I don't either. I want to seriously show genuine care for other people, no matter what and no matter who they are. That's what Jesus did and that is what I am going to do. I really do care about YOU and want everybody including YOU to be saved and make it to Heaven. I don't care what you think you might have DONE in your life, nothing can separate you from the love of God. God still loves you, even if you are Adolph Hitler, Sadamm Hussein, or Osam Bin Laden. It doesn't matter what RELIGION you are. I don't agree with all of the people that want to damn and condemn Muslims b/c others in their religion terrorized our country. How about we show the heart of God and forgive them and love them, b/c that is the ONLY way that we are going to be able to have a chance to win them to Jesus Christ. If we condemn them all the time, then what better are we than them? I believe with all of my heart that if Jesus Christ Himself was around when we got attacked by terrorists, He would have forgiven them, ESPECIALLY the ones that are still around that have not attacked us, He would definitely not have condemned them for something they haven't done. Because He said LOVE YOUR ENEMIES. Why did He say that? And we always think of our enemies as a neighbor who has wronged us or a stranger who has wronged us, but we never stop to think about the terrorists and the extreme Muslims that hate us with a life consuming passion. If we LOVED them as much as they HATE us, we would be the ones at peace.

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