I'm tired of not being compassionate. Tired of keeping this great of salvation to myself, celebrating it with others of like faith after every Sunday service. Tired of going to bed at night knowing that there are over 5 billion people in this world that are lost because I haven't told them about Jesus, because I'm too b...usy celebrating my own blessings with others who are just as blessed. Tired of when I do go outreaching I settle for an answer of "thanks for the information" becuase i'm in a hurry to go do something else. I don't want to be counted as 1 of the 38 men in 38 years in John 5:1-9 that were so wrapped up in their own miracle or blessing that I ignore the cry of those that don't have the ability to come to church themselves. I don't want those people to have to wait for Jesus Himself to come help after 38 years of misery, when I could have helped him myself. It's time to act like I've got the power Jesus gave me to do these things in Acts 1:8. Right now I am Fully Mission Capable but I am failing the mission. It's time to go.

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