Take this whole world, my career, my possesions, even my friends and family away from me, but give me Jesus Christ, and I will still be the happiest man alive. If I can just follow Job and in the midst of every part of life being chaos and destruction, still love God and trust that He will NEVER leave me, forsake me, or even talk bad about me, but love me unconditionally. Maybe i should take some of my own advice and regardless of how i feel, what i'm going through, or what is happening in my life, still consistently show true authentic genuine joy that the Holy Ghost gives me everyday. In the book of Job, Job had EVERYTHING taken from him, his business, his possessions, house, cars, animals, and even his family and kids were taken away from him. YET, through the storm and the mud and the mire and the pain and the sickness and the discouragement and the depression and the darkness, THROUGH all of it he STILL said that no matter what happens, he doesn't have ANYTHING to lose as long as he has God. He came into this world with nothing and he definitely knew that he couldn't take anything from this world with him into eternity when he dies, except for God, which is the one thing in life that can never be lost b/c God will NEVER leave or forsake us. It is only when we let the circumstances of life and the lies of people's persuasive deceptions that will make US decide to leave God. We have to hold on to God's hand, if we are to weak to walk or even to weak to crawl, as long as we are still holding on to God's unchanging hands, He will CARRY us until we gain our strength back to start walking with Him again. God LOVES it when we lean and rely on Him for things, b/c then He can do His job of providing, protecting, and loving us.

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