Here is just another reason why I love my wife, Bridgette Whitlow Spurlock. The toughest job in the Army IS being an Army wife. An Army wife has to SACRIFICE by having to deal with the stresses of their husbands being away for any amount of time at any time. Whether they have kids or not, the stress of not having their provide...r and protector at home at the end of the day is very stressful and very SACRIFICING. With sacrifices comes great rewards. i do believe that in the Spirit realm, and proven in the Old Testament, that without a SACRIFICE there can be NO fire. When you sacrifice, you will see the favor and fire of God. IF you Sacrifice your time to be with God, then you just sacrificed the most valuable commodity in the universe. Time can never be repaid, but God WILL bless your sacrifice of time with His favor and blessings in your life. So as an Army wife, with all of the sacrifices that you make makes the Soldier's sacrifice for his country alot easier and stress free, and the USA can continue to be free b/c of the Silent Ranks being so valuable.

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