I'm sure no one is awake yet, but it is 7pm on 14 Sep right now here. I found a free wi-fi hotspot for internet in Popeye's on post. It's about a 2 mile walk from the barracks we have to stay in until Friday, then I go to my base and hopefully get my own room. I can't believe that it takes 4 days to do what should only take 1. Other than that, it's not bad here so far. I am learning alot about the Korean culture, and it's surprisingly kinda like I act sometimes. We have had to sleep in 3 different places so far since we got here b/c they can't seem to keep places unbooked including the barracks. The first night, I stayed in a hotel room on base, sharing the room with another guy, I had to sleep on the couch. That was weird. The second night, I had to sleep in a bay inside a FTX sleeping bay, which I shared with 20+ other guys. That wasn't bad. Tonight, and supposedly, for the rest of the week until I leave, I am sleeping in the barracks, sharing the room with 4 other guys. I CANNOT wait until Friday when I go to my base and get a room to myself. We have been wearing civilian clothes the whole time here. Tomorrow we start wearing our ACUs. I don't know why they had us wearing civilian clothes in the first place, but I won't complain. We have to wear ACUs for the next 2 days, then on Friday, I have to get back in civilian clothes to ride the bus to my base. Today we did a tour of a DMZ/Korean War museum. I learned alot just by going through that museum and reading, seeing, and watching how America actually began to occupy here. Very interesting that if USA did not intervene in the Korean War, they would still be fighting each other today. Just in 2 years, both the North and South sides invaded the whole peninsula and 2 different times, with the North invading 1st, then the South, then the North, then the South, then the North making it to the 38th parellel and having America intervening and bringing a armistice with the DMZ (demilitarization zone). You can tell that it wasn't a war that was ended, rather a war that was interrupted. I also found out yesterday that there will be another SSG 14J that will be going to the same place as me, and we are pretty much the only 2 going to our unit at the time that we are going. Supposedly, the only 2 jobs that I would do would be S-3 or Platoon Sergeant. Hopefully, I get Platoon Sergeant, or at least Squad Leader, because I have had no leadership positions since becoming an NCO, so I need the leadership time, otherwise, DA will never make me a SFC. I'm looking forward to the challenge and any missions or operations that I will obtain and I believe that I will excel extremely well and come out of this country well on my way to bigger and better things for my career, which hopefully leads to going AGR at GMD BDE. Sorry for the acronyms, that is very heavy in the Army. If you wanna know what the acronyms mean, just comment on this and I will tell you. Thanks, and God bless you all.
Here is just another reason why I love my wife, Bridgette Whitlow Spurlock. The toughest job in the Army IS being an Army wife. An Army wife has to SACRIFICE by having to deal with the stresses of their husbands being away for any amount of time at any time. Whether they have kids or not, the stress of not having their provide...r and protector at home at the end of the day is very stressful and very SACRIFICING. With sacrifices comes great rewards. i do believe that in the Spirit realm, and proven in the Old Testament, that without a SACRIFICE there can be NO fire. When you sacrifice, you will see the favor and fire of God. IF you Sacrifice your time to be with God, then you just sacrificed the most valuable commodity in the universe. Time can never be repaid, but God WILL bless your sacrifice of time with His favor and blessings in your life. So as an Army wife, with all of the sacrifices that you make makes the Soldier's sacrifice for his country alot easier and stress free, and the USA can continue to be free b/c of the Silent Ranks being so valuable.
Whoa, watch this. Life is like a roller coaster, right? But the apostles went out and turned their world upside down with the Gospel. In a roller coaster, you get to see the world upside down. If I'm Apostolic, I'm gonna put everybody on a roller coaster spiritually. They will just get stuck in the upside down position compared to this world. Yes!
Nothing is impossible with God, literally. I don't believe the comment, 'God took nothing and made creation.' Where would He find nothing? God fills all time and space and has no beginning or ending. So nothing is literally impossible with God. So when you think there is 'nothing' to do, there is always something to do with God; pray, fast, read Bible, win a soul...
Today's word of the day: 'THINK'. Think about what you do before you do it. Think about what you say before you say it. Think if your life is being lived in the way it is suppose to be lived. When you think before you act to a certain situation, it is responding instead of reacting, and responding always gives better results than reacting, especially in negative situations.
 I'm definitely never gonna stop living for God, b/c HELL IS TOO HOT FOR ME TO STOP!!!
Tthere is always a point in time when Jesus Christ is being praised and worshipped. If there is not a human praising and worshipping Him, there is a rock crying out in it's place. This reminds me at every moment that my mission is to not let a rock cry out in my place, and to give my God, Jesus Christ, ALL of my praise, worship, and love at ALL TIMES!!!




All drug addicts need to try some HGP!!! it's better than Crack, Marijuana, Crystal Meth, and cigarettes, alcohol, porn, and even sex!!! EVERYBODY SHOULD TRY IT!!! Its called Holy Ghost Power! And its free and more powerful th
If there is a mountain in your life that seems to big to climb or that won't move, don't just tell God how big your mountain is, speak to your mountain about the size of your GOD!
All vehicles, whether they are old station wagons or Mercedes, need oil. They all after a while need an oil change. Not b/c something is wrong with them, it's just the way they were made. Same way with us. God will put oil in us to work better, but eventually we need an oil change, so God can fill us with fresh oil. God will turn our ashes to beauty.