I'm tired of not being compassionate. Tired of keeping this great of salvation to myself, celebrating it with others of like faith after every Sunday service. Tired of going to bed at night knowing that there are over 5 billion people in this world that are lost because I haven't told them about Jesus, because I'm too b...usy celebrating my own blessings with others who are just as blessed. Tired of when I do go outreaching I settle for an answer of "thanks for the information" becuase i'm in a hurry to go do something else. I don't want to be counted as 1 of the 38 men in 38 years in John 5:1-9 that were so wrapped up in their own miracle or blessing that I ignore the cry of those that don't have the ability to come to church themselves. I don't want those people to have to wait for Jesus Himself to come help after 38 years of misery, when I could have helped him myself. It's time to act like I've got the power Jesus gave me to do these things in Acts 1:8. Right now I am Fully Mission Capable but I am failing the mission. It's time to go.
I finally understand what it means to see the results of a sacrifice. On Friday night, after the Youth Service, we had to take Matthias, our oldest son who is 4 years old, to the Emergency Room b/c of a 104 fever and a bad headache that made him not move. We stayed there until 2:30 am and didn't get into bed until 3:30 am. We had outreach scheduled for 10 am Saturady and I didn't know if I was going to be able to make it with such little sleep. I prayed that if God wanted me at outreach that he would give me the energy no matter how much sleep i got. Well, I got up around 9am and I sacrificed wanting to sleep so I could go to outreach. When I showed up, it was only the outreach director and his family with one other person there and that was all that showed up. I went with the outreach director and the 1st door we knocked on was only 2 doors down from the church. We ended up witnessing to the lady there for almost an hour. She was so interested that she wanted a Bible Study and wanted to come to church. Overall, we only had time to visit 5 or so houses that answered and 3 of them were interested in coming to church. The rest of that day me and my family cleaned the church, but we didn't finish because we were so exhausted. So we came back early on Sunday morning to finish the job about 4 hours before service started, then we prayed. I was still tired in my body, but did it anyway. When the service started, i sacrificed how tired I was and 4 people, all from the same family received the gift of the Holy Ghost in the service today. WITHOUT A SACRIFICE, THERE CAN BE NO FIRE!!! and yes, i know that obedience is better than sacrifice, but obedience only makes yourself better, sacrifice makes OTHERS better, and that's more exciting!!!